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Transport Information

Private bus service

We offer a private bus service for our students within 20km of the school, which is a convenient and safe way for your child to get to and from school. Every effort is made for this to be a door-to-door service, although there may be occasions when a student needs to be picked up and dropped off at an agreed upon stop.

There are two bus zones:

  • Zone 1 encompasses a 10km radius from the school. Cost: $210.00 per child per term
  • Zone 2 encompasses a 20km radius of the school. Cost: $262.50 per child per term

NOTE: Parents do have the option of dropping off and collecting their child from a point within the 10km zone, thereby only being charged the Zone 1 fee.

Every effort is made to limit a student's travel time on the bus to less than 2 hours per trip.

The bus fee must be paid in advance at the beginning of each term. If the bus fee has not been paid within the first three weeks of each term, your child will not be able to use the service until the matter has been resolved.

If parents are interested in using the school bus please download the bus application form below and forward it to: or hand it in at the office. 

Public Transport

The New South Wales government currently provides free transport for all students living more than 2km straight-line distance from their school. Applications for government bus and rail passes are available from the school office. Re-enrolling students will automatically receive a bus pass from the appropriate company. The school is conveniently situated just a two-minute walk from Auburn railway station.