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Abide in me, and I in you. John 15

Nov 19, 2020

Together with Pr Terry Johnson and Pr Richie Reid, staff at Sydney Adventist School Auburn (SASA) were blessed with the opportunity to spend 2 days learning about the new Abide program that has been developed by Adventist Schools Australia to strengthen our connection to God.  


Abide helps us to identify our own spiritual goals and purpose and then work together to develop this for our school.  The program aims to improve our school culture and allow God to guide us in developing a Spiritual Master plan, directed by His word and to grow our spiritual fruit in abundance. 


John 15 reminds us of the importance of abiding in Him for without Him, we can do nothing.   


Staff held deep discussions on how essential it is for them to be spiritually healthy, learning how to abide in Jesus so they are firmly connected to God (the vine), so they (the branches) can bear fruit and meaningfully create disciples out of the students who attend SASA.  Staff were able to reflect on how God has led them in the past, their current challenges, what they can praise God for right now and how God has led, and is leading, their lives. 


Staff enjoyed the opportunity to be reminded that they are God's disciples and they need to show our school children to be God's followers and disciples as well. Principal Danyel Efstratiou noted “we need to be diligent about allowing God to feed into our lives so that we feed into the lives of our students and to not let the pressures of work take the focus away from the ultimate goal. If our staff are more on fire for Jesus it will improve our students’ relationship with Jesus and ensure that everything we do at SASA will be Christ-centred, reflecting the Mission of Adventist Schools Australia.


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